Introducing KEEO – the key holder with Bluetooth!

Every morning it’s like a race to go to work and in this rush we tend to forget essential things like the mobile phone or keys. If it’s the phone you can give it a ring to find where it’s hiding.

But what would you do for your keys? Now even that’s not hard to find! All you need is some help from the KEEO. KEEO is a key holder that secures your keys and allows you to search for them via Bluetooth. With the plug-in-and-screw system carrying keys around is made easy. Its style is defined by its strong yet light body with a patented slider mechanism. The single block of stainless steel adds to its style.

KEEO Carbon-First Keyholder with tracking App for smartphone:

The body of KEEO is made of carbon fiber used in Formula One cars. Just with a press of the eject button your keys will pop out with great easy preventing scratches or damage to other things in your pocket or bag. Its crowd funding began on the 2nd of this month and its makers are hoping for a brighter future for their unique product after its shipping in October 2014. The founder of KEEO, Halil Ege announces “To make a Keyvolution in the pockets of people – is our aim.”

More about KEEO can be found at: KEEO Carbon-First Keyholder with tracking App for smartphone.

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