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Press ReleaseThe world of internet is developing so rapidly that a new site or technology is cropping every second. This makes visibility of important developments and changes very important. And that is where PR (Press Release) comes in! PR is a powerful means to be heard and seen at different platforms such as print, internet and others.

Bearing this in mind we at Wittysparks look to create a platform for PR wherein new and important developments for websites and Blogs would be tracked. The category would comprise a brief PR write up written primarily by the owner of the sites or blogs but would be re-written by experts in the respective field.

A well written Press Release will dramatically improve the exposure of your business, products, websites etc.

So, if you want to promote your site/ blog/products/services/business that you feel deserves to be read or would serve to be of utility to people then drop in the details of your services/business at
pressrelease {[@]}

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