iPad Mini: A rumour or reality!

There’s a lot of speculation surrounding Apple’s supposedly imminent launch of a smaller iPad. However, the launch of a new smaller version of the current iPad called the iPad Mini is still just a rumor. There’s been a lot of buzz throughout various media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and AllThingsD reporting that a smaller iPad will be revealed by Apple by the end of this month. They seem to imply that there’s a high probability of the release of a thinner, lighter iPad by Apple.

iPad Mini - Apple Inc.
iPad Mini – Apple Inc.

According to the HuffingtonPost the Wall Street Journal and AllThingsD are sister media outlets that have close ties with Apple and have a track record of correctly predicting the company’s big events before they happen. Reportedly the new device will have a 7.85 inch screen and its price will be lower than the current iPad. Some sources say that that it will be released this month or by late November. However, the naysayers argue that Apple still has to get back up on its feet after the launch of iPhone 5 and iOS6 and the bad reviews the mapping feature received. While still others believe that Apple might release it to take advantage of the holiday retail season.

iPad mini mock-up ?

iPad Mini: The latest reports and rumors:

The iPad Mini is a defensive move to counter the competition from rivals like Google’s Nexus and Amazon’s Kindle Fire which are priced lower and retail for just $199. However, is launching a smaller iPad a good move on Apple’s part??? Here are some reasons it should and shouldn’t release it:

  • Big is not always better – a smaller, thinner and lighter iPad would be convenient to carry and fit into a purse plus easier to hold and use with one hand for longer period of time
  • Cost is key – some people wouldn’t spend $500 on the bigger iPad just because its expensive, a less expensive option would be economical  to most people and also beneficial to counter competition from rival companies
  • It might cut into profits – Apple is already successfully selling all versions of its iPad and also the older versions are available at a cheaper rate so it seems premature to bother to develop and launch another device which will just eat into the profits of an already successful product.
  • Too many ‘i’s’- The release of a new iPad would just be a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist. It could easily replace the iPhone or iPad or a larger smartphone or tablet. But nobody will give up their iPhone and smartphone for a 7 inch tablet and if tablet sales records are anything to go by then users prefer larger tablets than s a 7 inch version which means they’ll end up buying all three devices. With so many devices, the iPad mini just seems like a unnecessary extravagant addition.

With rumors and speculation about the iPad mini reaching a fever-pitch, there are a number of reasons it would be a bad idea for Apple to release it, what do you think??

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