iPooding your iPhone

Customization is important to customers these days, be it any product, the more personalized it is the more fun. Korean design firm Sumneeds has come up with a fun cover for iPhones named iPooding. It’s the worlds first liquid filled iPhone case.

i pooding - for iPhone puding case designed by Sumneeds
i pooding – for iPhone puding case designed by Sumneeds

Sumneeds is taking out all the boring hard feel out of your iPhone covers with this product. The iPooding is targeted especially at the women audience who crave a cover that is feminine. The ‘Pudding’ is a liquid filled case with small moving balls in it that gives it a snow globe effect. Application of the product is super simple, just simply peel-and-stick! The case is versatile and can be applied directly onto the iPhone or on the case of it.

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iPooding Liquid Filled iPhone cover by Sumneeds:

iPooding is also very durable, the company has put great thought into making sure that the snugly case doesn’t burst. Sumneeds very proudly defines it as ‘The world’s first high frequency forming mobile phone case on their website. In the video above a car runs over the case without any damaging it. The iPooding case is filled with harmless liquid paraffin, the company does however mention that it may burst if artificial pressure is caused to the product. In other words, just enjoy the product don’t try to test it’s bursting ability!

The cool cover is available in various colors and designs as per the website. A fun product for the ladies this time around. A great attempt to capture the fun loving market, that loves to live a fashion forward life and want to dress up their iPhones!

Visit Sumneeds – iPooding official website for more.

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  1. really interesting cases you feature in this article, ive not seen anything like them before. I’d like to see one in the flesh so i can feel the soft effect. thanks for the article!!

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