Is terror an answer?

India and the world witnessed a gory act of terror unleashed on Mumbai and its denizens. Again, the city became a soft target to the intentions of terrorists which saw close to 300 hundred innocent people die or suffer serious injuries.

Time and again after 9/11, cities which have a certain bearing on the socio-economic and political dynamics of a country have been targeted as soft targets. London, Cairo and now recently Mumbai shows the ease with which cities like these are rendered vulnerable by such attacks. Mumbai, despite having witnessed similar attacks in 1993, 2002 and 2003 seems to have become an easy prey to the intentions of the terrorists. Partly due to the huge floating population of the city and to a great extent to the operations of terrorists, who operate with great planning before striking a target, the city’s security has come under a scanner. But with Government swinging to action and establishment of anti terrorists squads and boosting of intelligence networks, the alarm bell has been sounded this time.

But, is terror an answer to the problems and causes propagated by various groups around the worlds. Is inflicting pain on innocent people, an answer to the maladies and sufferings of other citizens across the world? Does killing innocent people solve the problem of other such people suffering in other parts of the world?

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