Is UN an answer for Darfur?

Sudan has been torn apart by violence for quite some time. The African union forces seem to be finding the going difficult and have faltered in curbing violence which has claimed tens and thousands of lives in the country.

There are two major rebel parties namely the Sudan Liberation Army (SLA) and the Justice and Equality Movement (Jem), which have been involved in the region along with the troops of the African union.

The conflict in Darfur began in 2003 when rebel group began attacking government targets accusing it of oppression of the black Africans and neglect towards the region. Since then the region became a mine field and saw the involvement of Janjaweed who attacked and pillaged towns and villages inhabited by members of the African tribes from which the rebel armies draw their strength in a bid to ethnically cleanse the region of black Africans. Although there are reports that the Janjaweed is getting support from the government of Sudan, the government strongly denies any such links.

The region isin dire straits now. With natural resources such as water becoming a priced commodity, signs of urgent help have become imminent.

UN which has been called ineffective with regard to it s dealing with issues such as Iran and North Korea in the recent past has been asked to pool in with its services.

The international community feels the need for UN troops to be deployed to bolster the peace initiative. Also the intervention of UN would imply better facilities to the survivors of this violence.

So, will UN intervention and its peace keeping forces be an answer of sorts to the Darfur crisis? Will it help towards the emergence of some sort of solution to this predicament which has plagued the country for long now?

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