Is your Android Running out of memory? Then try App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner, an Android application to clear cached data

I am sure this is the most common problem we face in Android smartphones which contain less memory. To avoid this, we used to go to the application manager and clear the cache of any application individually. But what if you have many applications, it is seriously irritating to clear all cache individually and, most importantly, time-consuming.

This out of memory happens because of cache storage of every application installed in our Android mobile; for example, browsers maintain cache storage to ensure the website loads faster next time, other apps also maintain cache to save application data, etc. Few good applications clear cache data as cache time expires.

App Cache Cleaner, an Android-free application that helps you a lot in this situation – it makes your job easy, just a one-tap cleans or deletes all cache in your mobile and leaves you with more space or memory – which means no more low memory issues or warnings. If you keep forgetting to clean the cache – this App Cache Cleaner also has auto cleaner by using the auto cleaner interval option; it sounds cool, right?

Once this app is installed and launched in your Android mobile, you would be amazed to see the amount of cache data stored in each application – I won’t be advising it to use regularly because it slowdowns the application response as it tries to download all the required data again – but good to use once in a while, could say you can clear cache every month, etc. but this app gives auto cleaner only till three days, mostly their Pro app will give more desired options. You can even set notifications when there are too many cache files that need to be removed.

Suppose you have more applications, no need to wait for this application to list all the cache data of every application, as it takes time-based on the number of apps you have. In that case, you can directly tap on the Clear All button to clear the cache immediately – so a total time-saving app.

App Cache Cleaner android application is from INFOLIFE LLC, another top android application called “Advanced Task Manager.” So go ahead, download and clear your android smartphone’s cache data now and yeh why not share your experience with us if you are using this app.

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