ISKCON attempts reformation of prison inmates in the U.S!

Reformation of prison inmates in the U.S - ISKCON

The world famous International Society for Krishna Consciousness is news once again for an unusual act. They have come forward to reform the inmates of prison in various parts of the world.

Bhakti Lata Dasi, a full time volunteer at the U.S. branch of ISKCON Prison Ministry, located in Alachua, Florida has sent out 3,020 pieces of devotional literature along with 200 CDs and DVDs and 100 japa beads.

The along with these the prison inmates receive other devotional assets like pictures, calendars and sacred neck beads. In an attempt to reform the prison inmates and provide them with mental peace, ISKCON hold regular programs in Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and Utah. These programs involve chanting of the Lord’s name followed by an enlightening lecture on Bhagvad-gita.

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A weekly program organized by Chandra Das, at the Snake River Correctional Institution in Oregon, provides an opportunity to the prison inmates to care for Radharani’s garden. These activities have left a lasting impact on ex inmates who still stick to the same routine. Hope the Lord shows his grace on all human beings and reduces crime in the world. Hare Krishna!

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