Italy beat Germany in semis !

A match which millions of fans watched….supporting and praying for their respective teams. But unfortunately there was to be a loser and a winner as is the nature of the game. And yesterday, it turned out to be Itlay who emerged victorious by defeating Germany, the hosts, by 2-0.

It could be said that the match was evenly poised to some extent as the score 0-0 till the end of the the two halves suggested. But it was in the second half of the extra time that Itlay surfaced by launching assauts with regularity and struck twice within a span of five minutes to leave the german fans crest fallen.

Italy lived up to its expectations of defending solidly throughout the match with the likes of Gattuso and Cannavaro. The two removed the sting from the German offence to a great extent. Although there were a few streaks of aggression from German side, the Itlalian formation of four midfielders and four defenders made sure that the threat to was minimal.

Germany on the other hand, tried their best but failed to convert the opportunities which came their way. Captain Ballack, had a few shots at the goal but was off target in the match as the shots went soaring over the bar. Klose was well marked and so was Podolski, who could not penetrate with the same ease into the Italian shooting circle.

Despite a twelve members in the side, Germany even with the twelfth member- the home advantage, failed to make it to the finals, leaving many a hearts broken and many to wait till the next World Cup.

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