iXiGO makes it easy to find cheap flights on Facebook and Twitter

iXiGO.com, India’s leading travel search engine, is breaking new ground with the launch of a natural language flight search tool for Facebook and Twitter. The tool will allow Facebook and Twitter users to post a flight request on a wall or send a message to a Twitter page and receive the cheapest flight fare and details within minutes.

Now search for the cheapest flights on Facebook and Twitter
Now search for the cheapest flights on Facebook and Twitter

For searching flights on Facebook, a user simply has to go to iXiGO search and ask a simple search query in natural language on iXiGOSearch’s wall (e.g. “Mumbai to Dubai next week” or “Chennai to Singapore on 2nd July”). In just a minute, iXiGO will reply to the user with a comment on his/her query with details of the cheapest flight found across multiple travel sites, a link to the relevant iXiGO.com result page where the users can filter the results by time/stops/price etc. as well as a direct booking link for booking the cheapest flight within seconds on the travel site where it is available. Similarly, on Twitter, a user has to simply tweet a message directed to the @iXiGOsearch Twitter account – @iXiGOsearch (e.g. “@iXiGOsearch BOM to DEL tomorrow” or “@iXiGOsearch Cheapest flight from Delhi to London in June”) and iXiGOsearch will tweet back a response within a minute with details of the cheapest flight and a link to view results and book the flight.

“We are pioneering the use of semantic search technology in online travel and have developed the capability of natural language processing,” explains Rajnish Kumar, Co-Founder & CTO, iXiGO.com. “Our objective is to enable our users to converse with our search engine just the way they would converse with a travel agent or a friend. They can do flight searches in natural language, a simpler paradigm than choosing parameters in a form on a website. This is yet another milestone in our effort of making online travel search more intuitive and simple – watch this space!”

Aloke Bajpai, Founder-CEO, iXiGO.com, added – “Given that Facebook and Twitter have become an integral part of our lives and our users are increasingly spending more of their time on these platforms, we want to make it more convenient for them to do flight searches from within these platforms and make our product and brand available for them to converse functionally with.”

iXiGO.com has established a distinct leadership in product innovation for the online travel industry in India by launching yet another one-of-its-kind tool. Last year, iXiGO launched India’s first travel search apps for iPhone and Android, and with the launch of this Facebook/Twitter search tool, iXiGO has re-affirmed its commitment towards increasing accessibility and ease-of-use for its powerful travel meta-search technology that finds the best travel deals for users.

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