Jazz concert by internationally acclaimed Gods of Guitar

Delhi witnessed glorious night of Jazz featured by Maurizio Colonna & Frank Gambale

Maurizio Colonna, Frank Gambale

A concert by Sandeep Chowta featuring Colonna & Gambale in association with Rain was organised by Siddarth R. Narayan in capital recently. This bash of jazz by Maurizio Colonna & Frank Gambale mesmerised the distinguished audience at Hotel Le Meridien for more than an hour.

Sandeep Chowta with Gambale and Model Ritu.

It’s been a decade since Sandeep Chowta stormed the Indian music scene. And ever since, he has continued to enthral us with some spectacularly distinct compositions. His music for movies like Satya, Jungle, Company, Dum, Mast, Musafir and Ashoka is a firm testament to this fact. How ever, few of us know Sandeep as one of the prominent exponents of jazz music in the country. His deep love for jazz has seen him collaborate with international big wigs like John Scofield, Virgil Donati, Dave Valentin and others. It is to his credit that the Indian Audience will witness the likes of Gambale and Colonna perform in the flesh. And as the accomplished music composer puts it…this is only the beginning.

Gambale with Guests.

Maurizio Colonna, born in Turin, is unanimously considered one of the greatest classical guitar players of our time. He is unanimously considered as one of the greatest classical guitar players of our time. Its eclectic artistic life sees him as author of: historical-musical books and guitar-playing technique (F. Muzzio Ed.) which can be found in the libraries of the most important European and American Universities; of guitar compositions for guitar. Among the many awards given to the artist we would like to mention the Special Prize, conferred by the Italian National Agency for the Show Business, in occasion of the IX° Soundtrack Festival (Rome, 23 July 1991) and the International Show Business Prize – Fiuggi 1991 (Music section), conferred during the show Fiuggi Platea Europe.

Frank Gambale, born and grown in Canberra (Australia), began playing guitar when he was just seven years old. He has been influenced in his style by Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall / Eric Clapton, and by Jerry Garcia’s Grateful Dead. At the age of 13 he discovered Chick Corea and Steely Dan, and the Brecker Brothers which began his love for Jazz music. Gambale decided to leave his country to study guitar at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT), Hollywood, USA. There, he graduated with the “Student of the Year” Award and is offered a teaching job which he accepted and kept for four years. During these years, Gambale played in Los Angeles Jazz circuit with his group and published his first book of guitar technique, “Speed Picking” (Hal Leonard Publishing).

Rahul Mittra (Brandsmith) with wife & Ambassadors of Peru & Sweden.

“This is our first performance in India; we were very much excited to come to here but never expected such a response for classical guitar, we are really very happy to see that our performance gave lot of merriment to the audience. We would like to come here again and again to perform and to experience this overwhelming response from Indians again and again” says this musical duo. And the budding guitar players were in queue to get their guitars autographed by the Gods of Guitars.

“Today, in International Arena music emerged as universal and has no precincts. Artists are acclaiming internationally by the audiences & listeners. Indian Audiences have always shown their interest and cascaded appreciations for real talent. This is a just beginning there are more concerts in pipeline” says Sandeep Chowta, who is all set to make up an international band in December this year (name will be revealed soon).

Back to Back-Models Esthgr Jamil & Ritu Singh

Ambassadors of Peru & Sweden, Diplomats of USA & Canada, Mohit Burman (Dabar), Models Ritu Singh, Esthgr Jamil, Rahul Mittra (Brandsmith), Rajbir Singh(Arjun International) …were also present to experience the essence of music there, this musical evening concluded with a Champagne Supper.

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