Jennifer Lawrence the fashion chameleon

The beauty of fashion is owning your look. You can wear the best dress, that fits impeccably but without the right attitude you’re going to look off. Jennifer Lawrence is one fashionista that knows how to carry herself, in no matter what style she chooses, and her on point interpretation of fashion and her confidence makes her look glowingly gorgeous.

Jennifer Lawrence style star
Jennifer Lawrence style star

Jennifer has been growing in front of us in her style now only 22yrs old she’s already a fashion icon to reckon with. Her career that started in the mid 2000s the actress has gotten ample exposure to fabulous designers, stylists and the whole nine yards of glamor. But hey key fashion success is her ability to effortlessly transform from boho-chic to sophisticate. Let’s break it down shall we?

Everyday Chic

Be it the gym or just an errand, Jennifer tends to keep her outfits simple, and avoids unnecessary elaborate detailing. Simple hues and easy accessories are key to her everyday style. She likes to amp it up with a really great shoe or bag.

The red-carpet Diva

No actress can dare to go wrong on the red-carpet events, all eyes, and cameras on the young actresses making their way into the land of Hollywood. Jennifer embraces these events and looks spectacular. Her style varies from insanely sophisticated to jovial bright colored gowns. She loves to show off her fit body through high waisted pencil skirts, and without a doubt she loves great shoes!

Jennifer Lawrence’s Fashion: The Best of the Hunger Games Star!

Hair and Make-up

Naturally blonde the actress did turn brunette for a movie, which did bring a lot of news to her. She has experimented with sleek straight hair, to tight pony tails, loose waves, etc. She does make sure the hair is in sync with the outfit and doesn’t take away from her dress. On the more colorful side her makeup seems to stay natural with emphasis on the eyes, she intends to go the Smokey eye direction and captures all attention there. Very rarely would you see her in a dark burgundy or even red lips, she’s the nude lip chick for sure.


Yes, it’s one of her signature styles, laid-back attitude. Think a lot of floral prints, long skirts, baggy tops and real comfy hair dos. She relates to the bohemian girl, yet when needed (red-carpets) she will transform into a sophisticated young woman. But we can’t forget that she’s still just entered her 20s and fun bohemian vibe sticks with her.

Colors and metallic

The way to make a bold statement is use bold colors, or prints, or cuts. Jennifer does her best with colors, you can imagine the color and she’s embraced it, even metallic. The young fashion lover shows off her daring side with these, that too on the red-carpet. One can definitely learn how to embrace bold colors from her.

Theirs is no doubt Jennifer Lawrence has become an idol for many fashion, hair and makeup gurus on YouTube and elsewhere in the world. She can inspire you to change your hair, change your everyday wardrobe and have fun with fashion, regardless of your age.

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