John F Kennedy’s dream to reach the Moon!

Just a few months before his brutal assassination in Texas President of the United States John F Kennedy realized that the space race was losing its glamor. This was when he decided that America should make an attempt to reach the moon literally.

John F Kennedy's dream to reach the Moon!
John F Kennedy’s dream to reach the Moon!

In fact, his concern about this issue became so intense that he started to feel the need for an unusual success of the Russians which would instigate the American public to step forward for this unique achievement. He was very keen on making this turn into a reality not minding the unimaginable expenditure of 25.4 billion dollars accompanying this adventure.

A few weeks before his demise he spoke to his NASA administrator Jim Webb, expressed his concerns over the issue, and demanded to portray it as a need for the national security to work things out.

All these crucial facts were revealed yesterday from the recordings which were stored at the Kennedy’s Presidential Library on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the speech in which he made his decision known to his people and said that it will definitely be accomplished towards the end of the 1960s.

Although Kennedy longed for this like no one else and had a strong desire to see the US achieve this, it is very unfortunate that he could not survive to see Apollo 11 commanded by Niel Armstrong land on the moon and experience the pride of being the first one to do so! In spite of a tragic end to the story, the country will always remember John F Kennedy’s service as President of the United States of America!

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