Johnny Depp in awe of India?

You might have heard about Hollywood actors or actress who are crazily in love with India or Indian Cinema Industry or it’s culture and also likes tribes from India. Yes it’s now Johnny Depp, he is someone who could get enough of these two things. Johnny Depp says he could go on and on about his love for them. Getting to the details the actor reveals that the life of the Banjaras has grabbed his attention.

Johnny Depp's love towards Banjaras... INDIA
Johnny Depp's love towards Banjaras... INDIA

From Johnny Depp’s observation of the tribe he says that they know the exact definition of living. He means to say that they know how a life is to be lived and that he has a lot to learn from them. This makes him want to be a part of their lives and explore their traditions.

The actor also had a lot of words of appreciation for the legendary actor Mr.Amitabh Bachchan. The actor’s most ambitious project and his debut in Hollywood was made to wait for some reasons unknown. But now Mr Bachchan has shot for his first international outing recently. Depp is very happy that Hollywood finally has the actor whom he always loved.

Ask him about this and he says “Mr Bachchan is a very strong and important actor. He is also a very interesting man and I have great respect for him. I am glad that Hollywood has got him finally”. Depp is celebrating the success of Dark Shadows that hit the Indian theaters recently this Friday. Hope he keeps entertaining us in future too!

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