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We are very happy to announce the release of our First Facebook Application developed by the WittySparks Team.

As you all know Facebook Rocks not only in Social Networking but also in information sharing with their application platform.

It’s a good experience to build our first application for Facebook, their APIs are in such that it won’t need a full developer experience to build their app, even a person who has got a little knowledge in development can build the application within no time.

If you’ve got a Facebook account why not join our WittySparks Facebook application that allows you to view the recent/latest posts/articles from and our App can also be added to your Facebook profile.

Join and you can choose to show the best WittySparks stories or the most recent stories we’ve posted. Now you and your friends can see the great stuff we’ve been doing on WittySparks simply by visiting your Facebook page. You can also invite your friends to add WittySparks Facebook Apps to their Facebook profile by visiting our WittySparks Apps. WittySparks and Facebook: together at last!

So wana spread WittySparks? then why not help us to grow by joining WittySparks Facebook Application and encourage us to add more useful information in our site WittySparks!

Here are the details:

Click here Join and add WittySparks to your Facebook profile

Click here to participate in our WittySparks Facebook Apps Discussion Board, Reviews, Friends, etc.

A little about FaceBook Application: Facebook launched the Facebook Platform, which provides a framework for developers to create applications that interact with core Facebook features. Even games such as chess and Scrabble are available. As of 5 December 2007, there are more than 10,000 applications.
Third-party websites such as Adonomics, which provides application metrics, and blogs such as AppRate, Inside Facebook and Face Reviews have sprung up in response to the clamor for Facebook applications.

Know More about FaceBook Applications at: WikiPedia

A Lot more to come from WittySparks for you all :)

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