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What do you do when you have to search for something on the web? Sounds like a dumb a question? Well, most of us open a search engine like a google, yahoo or an msn and search for the required stuff. Now, for someone who is working on a document, searching the content in the middle of work switching windows can be a pain, isn’t it? Even for a normal user, opening the page, waiting for the page to load and then getting the results can be tedious.

KallOut - Search Outside the Box
KallOut - Search Outside the Box

Notably, we are able to get our results from one search engine at a time that too!

Wouldn’t it be great if one could select the text to be searched from word pad, document or text pad? Yes, Kallout a Windows application which addresses this all for you and over and above this, it searches several the content from different search engines and produces the desired search result in no time! All you would have to do is to select the text and the search engines from the list provided and you would get the desired result in a small window which opens just adjacent to the selected text!And the search result is not primarily confined to text alone, you could get results with maps, images, videos, Wikipedia articles, definitions, translations and many more.

Adversity Dictionary.com KallOut
Adversity Dictionary.com KallOut
Adversity Search Kallout Options
Adversity Search Kallout Options

As of now KallOut supports Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, WordPad and Notepad. Watch this KallOut Product Tour, Search is trapped inside the browser. KallOut sets it free. Watch the video and learn more.

Sounds great isn’t it? I have downloaded KallOut and Looks very interesting widget to me. I would suggest you to try it once and drop in your review/experience about the small and powerful software.

Published by Sravan Kumar

A Creative Web Designer, Developer, User Interface and User Experience Expert.

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  1. SRavkum, We really appreciate the blog post. Thanks, Lee Lorenzen, CEO, KallOut.com — Search Outside the Box

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