Kamal Haasan’s Vishwaroopam and His Hollywood Plans!

The first thing we look for in a movie is a good star cast. For many of us a star in the lead role becomes the reason for watching it. But here’s someone who rubbishes these ideas. Actor – filmmaker Kamal Haasan talking about the cast of his most ambitious film Viswaroopam said that he wants talented actors for his film and not stars. The film will come before the audience in Hindi and Tamil.

I want talented Actors, not stars says Kamal Haasan - Vishwaroopam
I want talented Actors, not stars says Kamal Haasan - Vishwaroopam

This bi lingual film has Kamal Haasan himself in the lead role and supporting him will be Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jeremiah and Jaideep Ahlawat and Rahul Bose. Talking about his choice of actors at the recent IIFA Awards he says “Casting Jaydeep, Andrea and Pooja was easy as I was looking for talent and I found it in them.”

Sources say that Deepika Padukone was initially approached for a role but the lady turned it down. When asked about this Kamal Haasan said “We didn’t get the dates we wanted from her so we let her go. I wouldn’t like to name her. Her name was suggested by my financier, but I am happy with the people I am working with in this film.” The trick that makes his films work is his understanding of the viewpoint of the audience. When Kamal Haasan makes a film he puts himself in the place of the audience and tries to predict what they would like to see. “Audiences are something that we are scared of. We are so paranoid of audiences that we forget to realize that we filmmakers are also one of them.” I think this trick is working pretty well with him.

Kamal Hassan’s Viswaroopam Theatrical Trailer HD Quality First on NET:

While this film awaits its release date, let us take a look at the actors Hollywood plans. Some insiders at IIFA revealed that the actor will open up about his Hollywood venture in a day or two. He is likely to work with Barrie M Osborne who is also the co producer of Vishwaroopam. Apparently they were to start work on this four years ago but things didn’t work out. When someone at the IIFA enquired about the same the actor said “Sure, I hope so. Once Barrie Osborne is here, we could divulge some more of our plans.” If sources are to be believed he will not only act in the film but will direct it too!

Now that’s great news, isn’t it? So lets wish Kamal Haasan the very best for Viswaroopam and all his future projects. We hope he keeps entertaining us this way for many more years to come!

Source: I don`t look for stars, I look for talent: Kamal Haasan and Kamal Haasan goes the Hollywood way

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