Karma Aur Holi is set to release

SaReGaMa is ready to release their film ‘Karma Aur Holi‘.Film is made in Hindi and in English too. Most of the shooting is done in New York & New Jersey.

The good thing about it is that, we have super model Naomi Campbell and Super actor Robert D Nero’s daughter Derina D Niro as actor.

Derina is also assistant director in this film. Miss Universe Sushmita Sen is from a long time away from the silver screen, this will surely be one of her best performance. Even Randeep Huda friend of Sushmita has got a opportunity to show his skills and the few sensational scene between them will create hot gossips.

Karma Aur Holi

According to the story of the film Sushmita and Randeep are playing Husband and wife and they stay in New York. Shushmita Sen is a yoga guru and Randeep Huda has a publishing house which is going in loss because of which he is tensed.

A day before Holi both invite their friends among them is Shuresh Oberoi, Rati Agnihotri, Suchitra Krishnamurthi, Deepal shaw, Naomi Campbell, Vincent Paneha etc. Every one at the night make their confession, some became happy and some became sad. Next morning celebration of Holi has start. In the masti of holi and during the dance the one who were tensed became happy and one who was happy became happier to see all this you have to wait to see the movie.

Karma Aur Holi

There is one great performance in file by underground Wraper Stiki Figanj .Who believe that holi should be celebrated in America and now he every year celebrate holi with friends. The story and direction is by Manish Gupta from New York. He is as good a painter as good Director he is and so many scene will be beautiful like a painting.

Karma Aur Holi

It will not be a shock if Naomi Campbell,Dirina and Stiki Figanj get in Hollywood and Bollywood.

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