Kate Nash brings to us her third album Girl Talk!

Kate Nash! Does that name ring a bell in your mind? Well, if it doesn’t let me remind you that she is the multi-talented singer and lyricist who grew to fame with her pop song ‘Foundations’ is all set to bring to her audience her third album “Girl Talk” on the 4th of March. Talking about it the pop star said “It’s definitely a pop record, but has a new sound and feel to it.

Kate Nash - Girl Talk
Kate Nash – Girl Talk

I played bass in a punk band called The Receeders for a couple of years and I love how powerful playing bass and using my voice like that made me feel. ‘Girl Talk’ is full of color, pop harmonies and melodies, and I feel like my voice has matured and that I can do more with it. Music is my escapism and vice, and my life is in every song. I always write from an honest place and can’t wait to share the next chapter.” She seemed to be growing up with each of her performances.

She says that her new album can be best described as an echo of Tarantino Films and specially the Death Proof. With time this talented performer has become the voice of many girls and women in many parts of the globe. Very unusual for a public figure Kate is extremely close to her fans and what could be a better proof to this than the fact that directs a programme for school-aged girls called, ‘Kate Nash Rock ‘N’ Roll for Girls After School Music Club’, with a mission to develop esteem and create a new generation of female musicians, writers, producers and technicians. Regarding this she said “It was a real eye-opener that the balance of power in music is so skewed. I want to see more women being creative, working across all facets of the industry. So I am doing something about it from the ground up.”

For her commendable work and notable contribution to the empowerment of women she has been named the Global Ambassador of the ‘Because I am a Girl’ initiative by Plan USA. She has also been requested to tour the developing countries and teach the women to lead a better and a more independent life here after. Reacting to this she said “I’m so happy to be a part of this campaign; it feels like the perfect charity for me to join forces with. I love empowering women and girls and being able to do this in developing countries in parts of the world I have never been to, is so exciting. I can’t wait to help give girls the opportunities they deserve and see them realize their full potential.” So all the girls out there look out for a lot to learn from a women who is an all rounder. All the best Kate and a very happy journey to you!

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