KBC losing viewership..?


After the much hyped launch of Kaun Banega Crorepati with host Shah Rukh Khan, the show has faced its first set of anxious or shall we say ‘crisis’ moments. The show has registered a decline in the viewership numbers which has forced it to induce a some risk reducing measures.

To counter this, a quiz has been launched called Khelo India Saath Saath through which viewers at home can play from home with the contestant in the hot seat and win cash prizes. The prize money for this segment is 1 lakh rupees for every question and there is no ceiling as far as number of questions per viewer is concerned!

If one looks at this development, then it is bound to happen to any show no matter how good it may be. In soap operas, the slightest hint of a drop in the viewership numbers leads to a change in the script or the forced creation of a twist in the plot or story! But sadly in a quiz show, this element cannot be induced as a result the makers of the show had to resort to money power to draw the audience!


The thing to be seen is whether Shah Rukh Khan is able to draw the viewers by his charm and good looks or is it going to be the money factor that is going to be the pulling force for the show.

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