KidCase – The secret to worry free Parenting!

Worried about the amount of time your kid is spending with the iPad? Now it is very easy to keep a track of that. Trust me, your kid will never be able to find a way around it. The only device that will give you the luxury of such carefree parenting is Kidcase!

It is a device designed by a parent like you who wants to avoid the kid’s over exposure to technology. Dave Einzig, Founder, KiDCASE, narrates the story that inspired him to come up with this unique device. He says “let’s face it… Parents work their butts off to do absolutely everything necessary to raise well-rounded kids”.

Yet the one thing my wife and I always felt was slipping away from us, a little more than we were comfortable with, was the amount of time our boys were spending on their iPads each day. We started to see them using their iPads nonstop, even when friends were over to play, or while their grandparents were attempting to have a conversation with them.

At first, I figured there had to be “an app for that!” And in fact there were. Plenty of them. But none of them were of any value at all. It would take my boys a matter of minutes to figure out how to get around them. And apps simply have no way of knowing when an iPad is being used or to turn it off when it shouldn’t be.

So I started to explore other ways that parents can get a much-needed solution. After putting together a pretty amazing team of Apple-licensed engineers, designers, and developers, and partnering with a leading accessory device manufacturer, we have built and fully vetted an answer that works beautifully.

I sincerely hope it helps you, even in some small way, to raise the happiest and healthiest kids possible.

So how does Kidcase ease your efforts as a parent? It has many features that will help you stay at peace, knowing that your kid is using the iPad only for that much time which you think is okay for him or her.Kidcase comes with a feature that allows you to keep a track of exact amount of time your kid is spending with his or her iPad. This time monitoring feature lets you see how much time has been spent that day, in terms hours, minutes and seconds. If you think this is not enough to control your kid’s iPad addiction, there are more features waiting to be explored by you.

Kidcase - iPad case for parental control
Kidcase – iPad case for parental control

Advancing a step further, the makers of Kidcase, have given you the power to decide how much time your kid spends using the iPad, even when you are not around. This has been made possible by the feature that lets you set the time on your kid’s iPad. When you do this, the device automatically shuts down, after the time you have allotted has passed.It gives a few warnings to your kid when the time to shut down is approaching. This is just so that your little one doesn’t get upset at the abrupt end to his favorite video game.

Not only this! You can also choose the time of the day your kid is allowed to use his or her iPad. Once you set the time, Kidcase will lock the iPad during those hours, making it inaccessible. For example if you don’t want your kid stuck to the iPad at the breakfast table, before school or at bed time, it will remain switched off. Did you know you could reward your kid with Kidcase? Read on to find out how. The learning and education apps will help you do this. It is the best way to make your kid happy in a manner that is most beneficial to him/her.

If you think these are the only things Kidcase can give you and your child, you should take a look at this. Once you dock Kidcase into your child’s iPad and download the Kidcase companion app, you can relax because you have just gained control over how much time your kid spends with the iPad. Keeping in mind the playful carelessness of children, the Kidcase comes with soft silicon outer cover that can withstand rough handling by your kid. It also has a sturdy kick stand that takes care of your child’s posture while using the iPad. Find out what your child’s favorite color is, because Kidcase is available in blue, pink, lime green, orange and black. If you order right away, you would be the early early bird who gets the Kidcase only for 57 dollars.

However, if you have to delay it for a while, the Kidcase can be yours for 67 dollars. A regular Kidcase is available at 77 dollars. You could always compare the rates at Kickstarter. If you have a more than one kid who needs to be monitored when using the iPad, the Kidcase family pack is for you! With this you will have not one, but 3 Kidcases only for 215 dollars. You can also get a 10 pack for 670 dollars. Those of you who prefer the family pack or the 10 pack, you also get an opportunity to request for a specific case for your kid’s device. So what are you waiting for? Order now, experience the joy of a new style of parenting, that gives you freedom from constant worrying.

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