Kim Dotcom takes the dotcom world by storm

Attention tech junkies, there could be nothing more exciting added on to the world wide web like the new website by Kim Dotcom. Yes, he’s back and with a 50 GB bang! Here’s the background on Mr, Dotcom, born as Kim Schmitz the German internet entrepreneur has been a teenage internet tycoon in the 1990s. The founder of Megaupload, has had a shady past, but a promising entrepreneurial streak and understanding of the tech market.

Kim Dotcom proves himself as an innovative entrepreneur
Kim Dotcom proves himself as an innovative entrepreneur

The consumers now with his new website provides up to 50GB of free storage capacity. This is giving his competitors tough competition too, let’s face it, the more space the consumers have the better, they will flock to a website that can cater to their storage needs with the largest capacity. This is especially evident from the tweet made by the owner himself within hours of the launch of the website, that it has crossed over 250,000 registrations!

The website was launched on Sunday, it is the ultimate web-based service for this generation, wherein the users can upload and store files of any kind. This website is a sequel to his website that was shut down January last year. Talk about a quick come back, that too a more catchy one! The tech entrepreneur has been in the business for far too long and experienced enough, and was wise to release statements to ward away any controversy with regards to his new website. On Saturday he was quoted saying; “Legally, there’s just nothing there that could be used to shut us down. This site is just as legitimate and has the right to exist as Dropbox, Boxnet and other competitors.” Making sure that all focus is on the website and not on the history of the owner, a smooth move made by Mr.Dotcom is ensuring that the spotlight is not stolen from the amazing service he is providing.

Indicted tycoon Kim Dotcom launches new site:

The website like any other has higher tiers that are to be paid for. The space is endless for those who need more than 50GB of storage. The most amazing feature of this particular venture has been the fact that the individual users control the encryption system. The company assures its users in about their file security system; “The new Mega encrypts your data transparently in your browser, on the fly”, “You hold the keys to what you store in the cloud, not us.” That’s like honey through the ears for every potential user. Mega explains that the best experience of the website can be gained through the Google Chrome web browser, in fact chrome is the only browser that will enable us to use all the websites features“If you are planning on using MEGA frequently, there is currently no alternative to using the most advanced browser currently in existence” this statement informs all customers in advance on how to make the most of the service.

There is definitely no stopping this company now, they have plans for the future and are set at making everything a success while avoiding all controversy this time. Among the business plans of the company’s future include releasing an API, as well as local apps for desktop and mobile use, plus an instant-messaging service for Mega users to communicate with each other.

Come back entrepreneurs are the most inspiring for all, especially when they provide better services and superior quality to their consumers.

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