Kim K and other Celebrity parents have tough time with Paparazzi

The new Season of Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian take Miami is in full swing, revealing more secrets about the family and Kims baby issues. Well, there is our plan and then there is nature’s plan, and Kim definitely seems to have come to terms and accepted that with no eggs there will be no baby.

Stars struggle with keeping kids safe
Stars struggle with keeping kids safe

Her pregnancy has been all the news since the official announcement made by the baby daddy Kanye West. Paparazzi is raving about the glamorous reality star to know how everything is going so far. And everyone is happy now that the baby bump is more than visible!

Why are we so obsessed with the stars that we’re already going crazy trying to know everything about their un-born babies? . There has to be a line drawn somewhere, in our media world full-fledged reports are made following the pregnancy of Hollywood’s starlets. The interest is justified to an extent but after a point it is just a waste of our time, energy and great interference in the lives of the moms to be.

The eldest Kardashian, Kourtney has had two kids and is a mom who has to constantly be on her toes to protect her children. Especially when out and about doing her chores, it’s not just the Kardashain craze, every celebrity mom has been spotted screaming at the paparazzi to give her space and keep away from the babies. Stars like Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum etc. that go on to have more than one kid tend to have an even harder time.

Halle Berry with baby Asks Paparazzi to back up:

The fact of the matter is, we live in an evil world, everyone wants to hear, see and believe what they want to. Everyone wants things to be as though they are custom made for them. Every life situation should suit ones expectations and lifestyle. The celebrities work hard all their lives to get the fame they always wanted, and with that comes the unnecessary intrusion of news reporters and fans. That is where their fame becomes a pain, and in our case, we want to know everything about them, but don’t like anyone interfering in our lives, and its our curiosity that further fuels the oils of the bloggers, and paparazzi which in turn hurt the ones we say we look up to and idolize.

Ben Affleck protects daughter from Paparazzi:

There is a definite chicken or the egg situation in these cases, who made is worse first, the fans or the celebrities. They will shout from roof tops, in concerts, Tweet and Facebook, but don’t want anyone to ask anything further, or “invade” their privacy. It’s simple now, if you wish to keep anything private don’t publicly announce it!

Celebrities all have to face this craziness around them after they have kids, and it is inevitable for them to have to take steps to make sure their children are protected not just from harm but also the unsolicited attention from the hyper and aggressive photographers.

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