Kymera Magic wand Remote control

Kymera Magic wand Remote control

The wand company has made it their purpose to present wands to technologically advanced users, in order to feel like a wizard controlling their gadgets. The Kymera Magic wand is your new wand-like remote control!

This wand is like no other, other than the fabulous appeal of using a wand the remote controller is actually universal. The wand has been programmed with 13 “gestures” which, when programmed from your remote control, can be used to carry out certain functions on your TV, music player, or even your Mac!

The idea is to bring a magical experience to your every tech chores like flipping channels, controlling volume, switching the TV on/off, etc. Basically, control almost anything that can be remotely controlled with just a flick and a swish. The product has been designed such that it is compatible with most home electronics that use remote controls, like televisions, DVD players, DVRs, stereo systems, and more.

Kymera Magic Wand – Programmable Remote control

The product comes packaged to give you a real wand-owner-like experience. It is carefully, boxed and comes with a map-like instruction page, which shows all the wand movements and their effect. All you have to do is simply practice these basic motions which may take around 30 minutes, and become familiar with them.

The wand works on 2 x AAA batteries. Once familiar with the moves, you can transfer the wand to ‘Learning Mode’ wherein you can feed it with IR code from your chosen remote control. The wand can learn many InfraRed codes to be used for various electronic devices.

Available for around $60, the wand is a purchase for those who like to try on different methods of working their electronics. If you’re too grown up to act like Harry Potter in real life, it’s not for you. The device does require time to get used to initially and seems like quite a physical activity when working it. So the question is; Do we really need this much magic in our lives?

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