Lego completes 80 years – celebrates success with an animated film!

Lego has been a permanent fixture in children’s memories worldwide, providing hours and hours of pure fun, imagination, and creativity! Children and even adults have been enraptured by it, making it a part of their fondest memories. Now that it celebrates 80 years of success, it company an animated feature film commemorating the occasion.

Lego completes 80 years - Happy Birthday LEGO
Lego completes 80 years – Happy Birthday LEGO.

Founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, the Lego Group today has approximately 10,000 employees and is the third-largest manufacturer of play materials in the world. The impressive success story came to be when in 1932, Ole Kirk Christiansen founded a production company for wooden toys in the Danish city of Billund with the motto “Only the best is good enough.” It came to be the third-largest producer of play materials globally, with representation in more than 130 countries from a small workshop.

The LEGO® Story

The name “LEGO” comes from the two Danish words “leg” and “godt,” which translates to “play well.” Apart from the classic Lego brick sets, the Lego Group has over 25 product lines in its product range.

The Lego Duplo and City with realistic themes like the zoo, fire station, etc., aimed at preschool and primary school children. At the same time, boys above seven can enjoy the Lego Lord of the Rings set, the Lego Star Wars set, or the action-packed Asian-themed Ninjago characters.

For ages nine and above, the Mindstorms and Technic sets are interesting. Children and adults are also mesmerized by the tricky construction challenges of these Technic and Architecture sets, such as the LEGO VW T1 camping bus.

Lego guarantees generations of creativity, quality, and building-fun, and to celebrate these past 80 years of putting smiles on both children and adult’s faces, the company hcompanyased an animated film which details its rich and whimsical beginning and spotlights the life of its founder Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred.

The 17-minute attractive feature pays homage to the toymaker touching on everything from the iconic name to the evolution of the signature and the colorful building bricks.

Lego Structures Pictures

“The Lego Story,” created by Danish CG studio, Lani Pixels, chronicles how the company hcompanyged to survive as well as sharing anecdotes of why the tubing in a Lego brick was created and the birth of Legoland – narrated by someone as close to the story as one can get: Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, grandson of Lego founder Ole Kirk Christiansen and former CEO. In this spectacular visual tribute to the most loved toy both by children and adults alike, there’s something for everyone!

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