Less talking brilliant advertisement..

Can’t Keep Walking – Johnnie Walker

For all those who thought that advertisements need to be wordy, here’s a classic effort for the product Johnnie Walker where one gets an indication of how to use creativity within the given space.

Without going out on a creative soujourn or into an orbit, the advertisement in the least possible words conveys the message in the best possible manner! The reason that makes the advertisement powerful is the corelation of the message with the attributes of the product. The intended message would have been – An alcoholic beverage that does not hit hard but all the same gives the desired effect and keeps the person Walking!

Now a look at the advertisement and the reader gets to realise the efficacy of this advertisement! All credits to the minds behind the bodycopy of this effort, it certainly does stand out.

For all those who would scratch their heads to bring out the attributes of a product such as an alcoholic drink, the advertisment just adds two words to a word and the message is loud and clear.

The strength of a print advertisement lies in the manner and ease with which it settles in the mind of the reader and its recall value. The amazing part of this Johnnie Walker advertisement also is the total absence of the product i.e, a whiskey bottle in the advertisement.

Even with the product, conveying the message would be unthinkable to many, so just imagine conceiving it without the product could be virtually unthinkable! And that is where this advertisement scores over others!

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