Let Your Kid Learn It The Social Way!

Gone are the days when people depended only on traditional books and libraries for good education. Now good education includes the apt use of social media along with the regular sources of education. In recent times there has been a rapid increase in the use of social media by schools and colleges all over the world.

Social Media Education - Infographics

Be it Facebook, twitter or YouTube they all have something to contribute to your child’s education. The usage of Facebook has increased from 61 percent in 2009 to 98 percent in 2011. Twitter also has the same story to tell it has grown from 59 percent in 2009 to 84 percent in 2011.

Now how are these used by educational institutions? Let’s find out! Schools use Facebook and Twitter like platforms to make official announcements instead of sending in circulars as usual. Not only this… these have also become the places where learning material is shared and made use of. It becomes more of fun learning than the usual monotonous classroom teaching. I’m sure many of the young kids out there completely agree with me.

The best way to adopt this method it by making sure the online environment is totally controlled by a teacher. You should also make sure that there are attractive features to keep the students hooked. To achieve all this we need someone who understands social media and can prevent its misuse. Some Universities in the west have already started using social media as a mode of teaching. Harvard University, John Hopkins University and Ohio University are a few worth mentioning. So next time your kid is using Twitter or Facebook don’t panic! Just make sure he does it the right way!

Infographic by onlineuniversities.com.

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  1. Right that now time has gone when students used to learn only from the books or resources provided by schools. But now it is the time when need to get latest information from the web and from the social sharing. And through it child can be aware by the current issues which being happen and can raise their knowledge. But it is also possible that children can learn wrong things also on social media so parents need to be careful on this point when allowing their child to make use of social media or Internet for their studies.

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