Let’s be part of the Ungli Campaign and choose the best for our country!

Hello India! It is once again time to put our index finger to use. Yes it’s time to vote and decide who will rule us. If we don’t become responsible and vote we will have to live with someone else’s decision.

Those who don’t want that need to step out of their houses and make the change. But each time we go to cast our vote we have a very crucial decision to make – who should we vote for? A group of people living in the same dilemma came up with an amazing idea one day. Do you know what they call it? The Ungli Campaign! This will help us choose the right person for the most important job.

The Ungli Song:

The unique idea of the Ungli Campaign is the brainchild of personal networking platform Vebbler. They believe that each voter should be fully aware of every candidate who aspires rule the nation. This intention of theirs led them to create a micro-site with four sections that will allow people to participate in discussion forums, know each candidate through his profile and understand each official party. This will keep you fully informed before you can take that big decision for the nation.

Their campaign has already reached many eyes and ears and has also received their appreciation. This has been possible because of an entertaining video that is part of the campaign. The video has the Band of Boys, Esha Deol, Prachi Desai and some other big names asking us to go vote. So let us gear up this election season, realize our power and put our finger to the best use. Let’s go vote!

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