LG breaks interactive classroom records with 84 inch LCD whiteboard.

You have never heard of a smart class as smart as the one LG is providing the world with. Throw away those markers and chalk and enter the world of insanely huge interactive whiteboard LCD screens, with touch displays.

First Interactive LG 84 inch LCD whiteboard
First Interactive LG 84 inch LCD whiteboard

LG is moving a million steps ahead of the techno game here, launching the world’s first 84-inch Ultra Definition (UD) LCD, for an interactive classroom experience. They are mass-producing this product in order to cater to the fast pace, increasingly dynamic, smart classroom solutions.

This particular 84-inch screen is 1.9m x 1.1m in measurement and is ideal for classrooms that have already been using the whiteboards. The screen posses a maximum of 350 nits of brightness, and a resolution count of 3840 x 2160, which is eight times the image quality provided by current HD projectors.

One of the problems noticed when using a projector or HD screens, is the issue of switching lights off, but with LG providing such a  bright display on-screen that won’t be necessary, so the students can very well jot down notes, and be able to participate without being subjected to a darkened classroom environment.

The screen does have a touch interface, and on request, a Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D technology can also be obtained if the school or educational institute wants it. The insanely huge screen will be available in the Chinese and South Korean market by the end of this year and by early to mid-2013, the product will be made available in North America and Europe. The price of the LCD has not yet been disclosed, but we don’t have to go thinking that far- unless you own a school you want to technically update the life out of!.

Source: Uber Gizmo

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