List of useful MS-Excel resource sites

Internet is full of websites which provide tips and information on Microsoft Excel but since they are stand alone in nature it gets difficult to get a set a questions or queries answered under one roof. The search for the right resource can be elusive and can be a pain many a times  So, we at Wittysparks thought of coming up with a list of sites where most of your queries could be answered. 


A site which has an elborate  breakdown of different topics and resources. The content is exhaustive and distributed categorised well with some hady tips.


The site has created some useful content, from seps to creating pivot table charts to vlookup formulas. 




This site is unique in the sense it gives some smart tips to use Excel 2007 and they are given in a video format. So, you get a live version of the application of the various functions being used in Excel.


 A site which as a number of tips on both Excel 2003 and 2007. Some of them are handy for individuals who might not delve deep into the use of Excel. 


 This site has certain commonly used Excel functions explained with examples. Also, there are videos to explain the functions


This pdf gives insights to using the Lookup functions with examples.


For those of you who seek to get answers to your customised queries on Excel, this site provides a list of forums which provide you a window to forums where you can get answers.

(11) ( Recommended) 

This site is pretty handy when it comes to forums, primarrily due to the number of topics covered in the forums in the site. Unlike a few threads which deal with Excel, this site has pages and pages dedicated to Excel, so you could find a series of topics of your intrest answered here.


The site gives you a series of forums, which deal with Excel and other Microsoft related softwares such as Access & Word.

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