Live the life of a Hollywood star at Club Penguin!

Who would miss a chance of being in Hollywood? What am I talking about? You’ll find out for yourself as you read further. Club Penguin Players are the lucky ones who can make best use of this opportunity. Now let’s discover a little about Cub Penguin! Club Penguin, is the #1 virtual world for children. Club Penguin works to maintain a fun and safe online entertainment experience by using filtering technology and live moderators.

Club Penguin Players Waddle the Red Carpet in Star-Studded Hollywood Event
Club Penguin Players Waddle the Red Carpet in Star-Studded Hollywood Event

The award-winning virtual world of Club Penguin contains no third-party advertising and is free to use and enjoy, however a subscription membership provides access to additional features that enhance the play experience. Club Penguin, headquartered in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, is enjoyed by children around the world, and can be played in English, German, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

The members of this club have an invitation to an all new Hollywood party where they have also been given the prestige to walk the red carpet. Now who would refuse to be treated like a Hollywood star even if it is just for a day? The players get to be directors and the members can use this chance to become superstars.

To make it more professional and official the organizers have also brought it the concept of an award ceremony at the end of the show. The list of events one is likely to witness at this unique event is as follows:

    • Directors and Superstars: Penguins can aim for fame by directing movies and taking snapshots of superstars to earn points and items as directors. Members can see their names in lights and perform their way to epic stardom by acting in musicals and sci-fi and action movies, earning exclusive rewards along the way.
    • Hollywood Fashion: The new Hollywood party catalog has award-winning outfits like a diamond gown, a space astro suit and a rugged jacket.
    • Penguin Celebrity Appearances: DJ Cadence will stop by the Island to choreograph the musical production numbers, while martial arts expert, Sensei, brings his talents to assist members in their action movie performances. Lucky penguins might also have the chance to work on film special effects with Sci-fi fan, Gary the Gadget Guy and attend a meet & greet with Aunt Arctic.
    • Movie Studio Igloos: Members can transform their igloos into blockbuster Hollywood studios with movie-inspired furniture and decorations.
    • Glitzy Red Carpet Event: At this black tie affair, directors, photographers and fans will rub shoulders with Club Penguin’s hottest stars.
    • Star-Studded Award Shows: With three award shows, directors and superstars can attend the hottest events of the season. Lucky members that obtain the elusive superstar status can win special Club Penguin statuettes.

That makes me so jealous of all the people who could be part of this wonderful show but I realize it’s not for everyone and that’s what makes it so special. Let’s congratulate all the lucky ones and wish that they have the best time of their lives at the event!

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