Live your Dreams with the Yolify App!

We have prioritized our life so much that we don’t have a place for our dreams in our daily schedule. We carelessly postpone them to a day that will probably never come. Have you ever thought of those spontaneous and exciting thoughts that you have ignored all your life? I’m sure you haven’t.

To help you live your dream, Daniel, the Head of Marketing at DappWall GmbH along with his team has created Yolify, a mobile application that not only helps you create your bucket list but also motivates you to act on it. Launched on 25th March this year, Yolify is an app that spares you the trouble of writing things down and understands your smartphone addiction.

Once you get Yolify on your phone, you can create your bucket list or even add others list to your own. Not only this, you can also customize your list by adding a pretty picture, setting a date and a location. Through Yolify you can also let the world know about your wish list. Doesn’t that sound exciting? I’m sure you’ll be more excited once you start using this wonderful App.

As you share your goals with the world, you are further motivated to act towards them. This is the belief of all the people at DappWall GmbH. Speaking about the same, Balint Farago, a co-founder behind Yolify said “the visibility of everyone’s bucket list creates an open space environment that motivates you to pursue your goals and keep adding new ones” So without waiting for the last day of your life, get started on the things to do before you die. Whether it is exploring the heart of a volcano, learning how to solve a Rubik’s cube, visiting the Great Pyramids, discovering the bottom of a lake while scuba diving or even riding an ostrich once, you know this is the time for it because Yolify is available on Google Play for free. Don’t waste your time in waiting for the day that will never come.

Published by Kruti Beesam

Being a hobby writer Wittysparks gave me the best platform to explore my skill. It has helped me learn about various things in different fields while showcasing my writing skills.

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