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Taking notes in class and organizing them could not get any easier. Livescribe the company that invented the Smartpens that help users to make note making easy has upgraded their pens with introducing their new Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen.

The company’s new offering not only helps you take down notes with the pen, it also records audio messages as you hear the lecture. Not only that it automatically synchronizes the information with your tablet/ smartphone/ lap top. This new pen is devised to be able to synchronize with iOS, Windows, Android operating systems now via the cloud.

The New cloud enabled Sky Wi-Fi smartpen by Livescribe records audio too.
The New cloud enabled Sky Wi-Fi smartpen by Livescribe records audio too.

How to use this gizmo is pretty simple; when you’re in your lecture or class, the pen will start recording the audio information and the notes you take on their black notebook with the Livescribe pen. The notes also appear in co-ordination with the audio recorded, this will enable reliving the entire class possible. Users can simply tap the pen on the book in-order to re-listen to the audio just recorded.

Livescribe Sky Wi-Fi Smartpen information:

With the cloud capabilities, it will be possible to access the information from your smartphones, on the go. Which is very essential when you’re a student and needs quick references. Livescribe has also gone ahead and fully synchronized the pen with social networks, so that notes can be shared amongst friends too. This social network connectivity will however be available only in early 2013.

This is definitely a win-win gadget for all students out there who are trying to make note-making and studying easy. Being able to relive the class at your own convenience via your smart-phone is going to help many accomplish their study goals. Not to mention make it interesting.

The phone will be available at Amazon, Best Buy and And price ranges from $170 to $250 depending on the pens audio recording time.

Content Source: Livescribe – Sky Wifi Smartpen

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