Logitech introduces $99 Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

Its hard to do long hours of typing on an iPad isn’t it? Specially if you are someone like me who writes long articles. Forget that! Even if you have to write a mail to someone, typing on an iPad with its cover on it is simply so difficult! Don’t worry there is finally a solution to the problem that has lasted so long. The solution is a Logitech Keyboard Cover for your iPad. Now could ask me how this is different from the others that make themselves available at the market. To this I will reply with an elaborate description of this amazing keyboard cover.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad only for $100
Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad only for $100

It is the best looking and easy to use key pad you can have for your iPad. I will also point out the drawbacks of this cover in this article to help you take a better…….. no the best decision.

Lets get started then! The Logitech Keyboard Cover is made of aluminum and is made exactly to fit your 9.50 inch [usually this size] iPad. It best for those who agree with me when I say typing on a Keyboard is better than online typing. It is available to you in about 100 dollars and is designed in such a way that it mates with your iPad when you decide you are done using it. It is designed for both iPad 2 and the third generation iPad. Whichever is the one you have, its best suited for both. Logitech promises a run-time for six months after having charged it once. But the condition is that it cannot be in use for more than two hours a day. It has been described as a compromise between the full sized key pad and the unmanageable small sized keypad. For some one who needs to do a lot of typing I’m sure its not less than a blessing.

Logitech iPad Ultrathin Keyboard Cover – Official Product Video:

Slashgear’s Vincent Nguyen likes it: “It’s well made, comfortable to type on, and – arguably most important for many iPad owners – matches Apple’s style rather than clashing with it. At $99.99, it’s expensive for a keyboard but, with a high-end Smart Cover being only $30-40 short of that on average, not outlandishly priced.” iLounge’s editor in chief gave it a B+ rating, declaring that “It’s so well designed in most regards that if Apple isn’t already planning something similar in the very near future, it should certainly be taking notes.” Engadget and Gottabemobile are on board with it, and CNET even gave it an Editor’s Choice award. After reading this I’m sure your first thought is what could be better than this, but the main purpose of this article is to give you complete information. As I mentioned earlier the Logitech Keyboard Cover is not something without defects.

It’s a man made thing after all. How is it possible that it be without defects. Lets find out what these defects are. Its defects are quiet a few but lets just focus on the extremely undersized backspace or delete button. Users have found it so uncomfortable that its hard to locate the button until you really get used to using an iPad with this cover. There are other such minor short comings but looking at it the broader way the advantages seem to be on the heavier side. The final verdict – you could say the Logitech Keyboard Cover is definitely good if not the best.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad:

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