London Official City Guide app is released and developed by IMImobile!

London has always been an interesting city to visit. But what does it have other than the London bridge which is worth visiting? This question can be answered best by the “London Official City Guide” app powered by IMImobile. This app has been created to help visitors avail the best of entertainment opportunities the city has to provide. Of course, it can be used by locals too to locate or identify places.

London Official City Guide Application developed by IMImobile
London Official City Guide Application developed by IMImobile

It is available on all popular devices that are used by people, iPhones, iPad, and Android. With London Official City Guide on your phone, you can locate the city’s happening arts, clubs, comedy, dance, music, theater, and sports areas with ease. The app provides users with a personal welcome video by the mayor of London City, Boris Johnson.

To impress you further let me tell you that this particular app is already being used by thousands of people out there and has been rated with four-plus stars on the App Store while it has increased to 4.8 on Google Play.  “With the huge numbers of visitors to London during summer 2012, London & Partners” primary objective was to showcase the best London has to offer. The London Official City Guide app is critical in achieving that aim. It has been an honor to work on such a high-profile application which has been rated so highly by the thousands of people who are using it every day, said Steve Godman, Commercial Director, Brands, and Media at IMImobile.

“Developing a high-profile app that works across multiple platforms and integrates with’s existing services was a fantastic challenge. Delivering the app on time and on a budget is a testament to the skill of our development team here at IMImobile,” he added.

This app keeps them busy says Digital Director, London & Partners, Julie Chappell. According to her “We’re having an immensely busy, but very enjoyable, summer of activity in London.

IMImobile’s app has allowed us to give users instant access to the latest information about what’s on across the city. She also said “We tasked IMImobile with developing the app to showcase the best of London and they exceeded our expectations. We’re confident that the app will now be a valuable asset to all those looking to enjoy a “summer like no other” in London this year, and beyond.

So what are you waiting for friends? Download the app now and experience the best of London right away!

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