London Olympic Games come to end with an Entertaining Closing Ceremony!

Like all good things in this world even the Olympic Games held in the beautiful city of London are coming to end. After everyone secured medals to make their respective nations proud its time to say goodbye until next year. The two things that keep viewers glued to their TVs is the opening and the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. The opening ceremony was a grand affair.

London celebrates the end of The Olympic Games -  Closing Ceremony
London celebrates the end of The Olympic Games – Closing Ceremony

It took place on the 27th of July and was telecasted at 9pm. The event titled Isle of Wonder saw the Olympic Cauldron form a pattern of 205 copper petals representing the competing nations. The lights, the crackers and the enthusiastic crowd made the city look like never before. The show was put up with such perfection that it raised the bar for the closing ceremony.

So if the ceremony began as “Isle of Wonder” it is going to end as “The Symphony of British Music”. The title itself reveals a lot about what we can expect to see at the closing ceremony which to be telecasted live once again at 9pm on NBC. It is entirely directed by Kim Gavin who rose to popularity for his outstanding choreography. The evening will see British rockers ‘Muse’ shake a leg to the tunes of the Olympic inspired song ‘Survival’. Take a look at what Gavin himself had to say about all this. “For the closing ceremony we will not only be working with our most globally successful musicians, but we also want to use this opportunity to showcase our stars of tomorrow,” Gavin told the BBC. The big chunk of information about the ceremony is still being kept a secret but let me tell you that the performance on ‘Survival’ is something you can look forward to for sure.

However, there are a few things that’ll definitely be part of the closing ceremony as ordered by the International Olympic Committee [IOC] charter. These include
competitors march together in a single file line as a sign of solidarity between the countries, followed by the flag hoisting and national anthem of the birth nation [Greece], host nation [United Kingdom] and the future host nation [Brazil] where the Olympic Games will be held in the year 2016 will take place. This beautiful ceremony will come to an end with London Mayor Boris Johnson returning the Olympic flag to the IOC President and finally putting out the flame in the cauldron lit during the opening ceremony. I cant wait to see so many nations coming together for the last time until 2016. I’m going to be glued to the TV that day… What about you?

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