LOreal presents the INOA Colour Capture App for your Smartphone!

LOreal Professionnel has always delivered the best products and people have always been very happy with this product ever since its launch. Keeping this in mind this reputed company has taken an initiative to develop a smartphone app which is called INOA Colour Capture.

INOA Colour Capture App Features Cool Way to Win Prizes
INOA Colour Capture App Features Cool Way to Win Prizes

The uniqueness of this app is that it calls for people to capture virtual color bubbles in the participating salons. This has been launched all over UK and Ireland. If you succeed in capturing these virtual color bubbles you could be lucky enough to win an INOA hair color service or INOA color care salons in participating salons across the nation!

Is it a wow offer? Now let us find out how to capture these color bubbles on our smartphones. LOreal allows us to do so in three different ways. Consumers can capture the color bubbles either through Street View, Map View, or ListView. And INOA Colour Capture is released on September 6th, thousands of these bubbles were released across the UK and Ireland.

These virtual color bubbles represent two different types of prizes:

  • Over 15,000 INOA complimentary color services available in salons Nationwide
  • Over 90,000 INOA color care sample packs (one shampoo, one masque & one conditioner)

To know more or to locate the local salons you could either call on 0800 072 6699 or visit Lorealprofessionnel.co.uk. Now the reason why LOreal Professionnel has grown to such popularity is that its ammonia-free hair color gives us a hair coloring experience like never before.

INOA being odorless provides optimized scalp comfort and recognizes your hair’s level of lipids and important amino acids. When you are getting the best right here why should you go elsewhere? If you still want to know why I’ll say “because you’re worth it!”

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