Love creating games? Createrria can surely be your best friend!

Creativity is expressed in many ways. It is the creativity that matters and not the way it is expressed. Similarly creativity in the field of gaming also needs attention. This fact was recognised by an independent Polish developer Incuvo who debuted in the creative world with Createrria!

Createrria – the place where every Kid’s dream comes true!
Createrria – the place where every Kid’s dream comes true!

Createria can be the best friend of a person who is passionate about entertaining the world with his or her games. Yes Createrria will help you live your dream of creating your own exciting games for players around the world! Not only this Createrria helps you narrate stories, create new versions of your favourite game and bring all your imagination to life. In fact it won’t be wrong to call it every kid’s dream.

Createrria – craft your games!

I haven’t told you the best part yet! All this does not require you to have any technical skill or knowledge. You can be your own master being guided by nothing else except your creativity! I have a lot of evidence to support my claim. Createrria already has 5,00,000 users who have created 560,000 games since its inception. 66,000 games have been published within the Incuvo community.

It could be hard to believe but Createrria has already become popular on Facebook and Twitter with as many as 60,000 shares. What could be a better proof of Createrria’s outstanding nature, than the fact that it holds the first rank in Adventure game for iPad on the US App store along with 9th rank for all free Apps for iPad on the US App store. So kids if you have an idea in your head, let it come alive in Createrria!

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