LucasArts makes a grand come back with Star Wars 1313!

Those who love video games should not give this article a miss because it talks about all that interests them. If I say LucasArts video game company is making a come back, wouldn’t you like to read further to find out more? I’m sure it’s a yes! So let me start by telling you that the company is making a come back with an all new game called Star Wars 1313. So you might want to know what makes it different from the others. To start with it is directed towards the kids which was not the case earlier. The makers promise that it is made with a more mature and dark theme this time.

George Lucas' Video Game Company Make a Grand Come Back with Star Wars 1313
George Lucas' Video Game Company Make a Grand Come Back with Star Wars 1313

Sources say that Lucas-owned special effects company Industrial Light & Magic, along with LucasFilm Animation and Skywalker Sound, are working together on “Star Wars 1313” apart from the internal developers. 1313 refers to leave of game refers to a planet of Coruscant. The release date of this amazing game has not been announced yet but with representatives from the company attending the Game Developers E3 Conference in San Francisco it can be predicted that it is ready to hit the market very soon.

New Star Wars 1313 Game Details Revealed:

With so many things involved in its making it definitely raises the expectation of the people. Will it live up to these expectations? Well….. lets wait and watch!

Source: ‘Star Wars 1313’ marks games comeback attempt by George Lucas

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