Lucasfilm and Disney present to you an all new way to discover Star Wars!

Are you a hard core Star Wars fan? If your answer is a yes then I have some great news for you. Its makers have decided to give you an interesting way to explore your favorite show! Lucasfilm and Disney Interactive have together given us this gift of a new Star Wars website.

So now you can visit to get to know your favorite characters more closely. It’s not just this. With an id to log in to this site you will have access to all the news involving Star Wars. This means that you don’t have to go far to explore what you love. Just one click and whole of the Star Wars world is on your computer screens.

If you think this will restrict you to your desktops then you are mistaken. You have the freedom to choose your device because the rich and consistent experience is available across all platforms including desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. With this unique site your way of exploring Star Wars will have a makeover and it will never remain the same.

Being part of the Disney Networks the site allows you to access it through a Disney id too. Let me give you a glimpse of the features you can explore at the site.

  • Breaking news and updates from across the franchise
  • Long-form articles and videos that go behind the scenes of past, current, and upcoming projects
  • Exclusive online videos
  • Details about upcoming fan events, conventions and local community groups
  • The immersive Databank, an encyclopedia of hundreds of pieces of Star Wars knowledge about characters, creatures, locations, droids and devices.

Love it? Then what are you waiting for? Log in today to find out what Star Wars has in store for you!

Published by Kruti Beesam

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