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Photographs! The memories that remain with us forever. And this is why, we like to click the most beautiful picture every time we click one. Unfortunately not all of us are good at this skill.

In fact research by, a leading online learning company revealed that, taking a good picture is as easy as learning a new language. Despite this, many people don’t spend enough time in learning this simple skill.

With the increase in the use of smartphones, there is an increase in people’s interest in photographs. Now they want to take the best photographs. The only thing that is stopping them making this a reality is – the lack of skill! To state some statistics, 60% of us spend less than 30 minutes trying to learn this skill. Only one in 50 people rely on training to help them to improve their skills. 71% believe in the law of averages and try to take as many clicks as they can, hoping to get at least one perfectly.

Recently Naomi Campbell admitted in an interview with the Evening Standard: “All these years working with photographers and I actually have no idea how to take a picture!” it is said that one in every 12 people completely avoid taking photographs because they believe, that the lack the skill or knowledge.

The British seem to dislike selfies altogether. Only 20% of 1,000 UK adults expressed a desire to take selfies. 27% of them consciously avoid any kind of photographs, be it selfies, groupies or ussies. According to them these are not quality photos at all.

Alex Zivoder, Vice President and Managing Director – EMEA, said: “This research highlights that quality is a high priority for many Brits, with the majority keen to create good photos. As devices get increasingly sophisticated, many consumers are missing an opportunity by not making the most of their investment – mainly because they don’t have the confidence to use more than just a few of the basic camera functions.” He added “ can help consumers, photo enthusiasts and pros learn how to take better photos using their smartphone, tablet or camera through unlimited access to more than 460 online courses, and training from some of the most inspirational expert photographers like Douglas Kirkland”.

To solve this problem and give simple solutions to people willing to take good photographs, came into existence. It offers 450 photography courses by world’s leading photographers, including Douglas Kirkland. These courses will make you perfect in main photography software packages, including Photoshop, Lightroom and more. Not only this, you can learn in the language of your choice, whether it is German, French or Spanish.

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Time to give photography a try!

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