Mahatma Gandhi makes breaking news!

For those who had got used to listening about Mahatma Gandhi on 15th August and 2nd October, the past few days would definitely come as a surprise. Well, Mahatma Gandhi is creating headlines and it is neither Independence Day nor Gandhi Jayanti, it is an auction of some of his belongingness which has caught the attention of the nation and the world.

Mahatma Gandhi's belongings are up for auction
Mahatma Gandhi's belongings are up for auction

Few of Mahatma Gandhi’s belongings are up for auction in New York and there is a debate raging whether the memorabilia should be auctioned. The Indian government is trying all means of securing the belongings which comprise Gandhiji’s Metal rimmed glasses, pocket watch, pair of sandals and a plate and bowl. The government has refused to toe the line of the James Otis, the auctioneer and has stepped up efforts to bring back the memorabilia.

Well, whatever the means, it is nice to hear and think about Gandhiji and revere the man and his belongings. Some things go beyond the purview of monetary benefits and getting his belongings back to the nation would be one one such thing. Also, this would provide a means to show reverence to the man who won us our freedom in our own small way.

What do you say?

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