Manage your Android phone data with MobileGo by Wondershare

We always look for a easy and simple way to manage our phone data. Here is one of the application from Wondershare called MobileGo which is freeware and the software allows you to fully manage and organize all your data on your Android device.

Free Phone Manager for Android to Manage your Android on PC
Free Phone Manager for Android to Manage your Android on PC

MobileGo the one-stop mobile manager helps you to manage all your android phone data like managing your contacts, music files, movies, SMS, photos and applications such as multimedia conversion, data transfer, data backup and more…..

You might come across many other applications which do the similar job as MobileGo does, but this is the first freeware I have installed and found very handy.

Download the latest version of MobileGo here and follow the on screen instructions. Once installed connect your Android phone via USB in debug mode, after that it will detect your mobile device and installs the respective drivers required to make a connectivity with the desktop software MobileGo. The software will try to install MobileGo connectivity application in your mobile, if it fails try to install yourself manually by searching “Wondershare MobileGo” in Android Market and install and then try reconnecting with the PC software. That’s it access your Android data as a visual explorer to manage all your Contacts, SMS, Music, Movies, Photos and more…..

And the additional feature is, you can even connect the device with the quick wireless Wi-Fi connection – sounds cool right?

Are you using this MobileGo freeware? If so why not share your experience – If not share the software which you use to manage data of your Android phone from PC.

Click here to check more features and download the MobileGo Freeware by Wondershare.

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