Manmohan Singh led Congress Government survives:live today to die another day?

Amidst high flying drama, the Dr. Manmohan Singh led Congress government managed to secure enough votes to keep the government afloat on 22nd July, 2008. As expected the country witnessed some unruly scenes inside the parliament with the Opposition accusing the ruling party and Samajwadi party of bribing its MP’s to vote in favor of the government. The atmosphere was charged with clamorous and deafening allegations leveled by the Opposition leaders who expressed their disgust by interrupting the proceedings.

Congress Govt
Congress Govt

The Left too came under severe criticism for having withdrawn the support to Congress over the Nuclear deal. The move which it appeared would resurrect the Left’s ‘pro- aam aadmi’ image came under heavy fire. The person facing the ire was none other than Party’s general secretary Mr. Prakash Karat, whose so called’ stubborn’ outlook caused his party embarrassment. Rumors are ripe that the party might heading for a split following this confidence trust vote.

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This is not the first instance that a Congress Government has been in them middle of a confidence motion. Earlier, Mr. Narasimha Rao’s government too faced a similar situation and won the vote. However, the cadavers of that trust vote continue to haunt the Congress party which was charged with bribing Shibu Soren’s MP’s to vote for the party and for the same face judicial and legal charges.

The government for the moment might have staved off the storm and would have been in postponing an early polls. But in the process, it has formed an alliance with Samajwadi party. With a shrewd Amar Singh at the helm of affairs for the Samajwadi Party, one would have to wait and watch what kind of arm twisting approach is adopted by the party to get decisions in its favor from the Government.

As most of the dailies have put it , the Government might have won the battle but lost the war, the forthcoming months would prove to be testing times for the Dr. Manmohan Singh led government to prove that all the labor undertaken was worth the deal!

watch video of the cash for vote episode (BJP MP Shows 10 Million in Indian Lok Sabha, Allege bribe attempt by SP)

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