Maruti Suzuki launched its first luxury Kizashi Sedan in India

For those of you who have a passion for cars, here’s an amazing offer put forward by Maruti Suzuki.  This reputed company is all set to give us one of its most outstanding creations. Kizashi is the name given to Maruti’s  new version of cars which is soon to be launched in India. Its rich, luxurious interiors and exteriors and its stylish sporty look are some of its features that’ll make you go WOW!

Maruti Suzuki's First Kizashi Luxury Sporty Sedan to hit Indian roads
Maruti Suzuki's First Kizashi Luxury Sporty Sedan to hit Indian roads

Hey…. Are you thinking there’s nothing more to ask for? Then you must take a look at this. It comes with a high performance engine of 2.4 liters  for a sporty performance. Now this is a combination of style and performance that makes it more tempting! Isn’t it?

Kizushi being a fully loaded automobile, its birth place can be none other than Japan! Its creation began in Japan at the Suzuki Motor Corporation’s  Sagara planet.  This extraordinary creation of Japan has been available to the Americans since late 2009 and is all set to lure the Indians as a Completely Built up Unit [CBU]. Kizashi presents itself  to the Indians in two variants – the Manual Transmission [MT] and the Continuous Variable Transmission [CVT]. Those who opt for the CVT model will have the benefits of fuel economy along with superior driving experience and those who prefer the MT model will be provided with a taste of Suzuki Motor Corporation’s high technological competence.

Maruti’s Kizashi car at Delhi Auto Expo:

Shinzo Nakanishi, the Managing Director and CEO of Maruti Suzuki India proudly announced at the launch that now he will be able to present the Indians with an international car as the company has entered a segment in which it has been absent so far. Its 2.4 liters engine ensures potent performance along with an extraordinary fuel efficiency of 12.53 kmpl and 12.45 kmpl  in the CVT and MT models respectively. There’s also a variety in the colors  that this luxury makes itself  available in. One may either go in for a Snow White Pearl or a Super Black Pearl or a Premium Silver Metallic depending on his choice. The Kizashi can be yours only for 16.5 lakhs if its an MT model and 17.5 lakhs if it’s a CVT model. You can book your car right away with an initial deposit of Rs 50,000 but the deliveries are said to take place only in March 20011.

The claim of Kizashi’s best performance and exclusiveness have been made only after testing it in extreme conditions like the cold weather of Minnesota and the hot weather of the Death Valley in USA. Kizashi’s performance has also been appreciated on the harsh and challenging roads of the United Kingdom and on autobahns in Nurburgring in Germany. With all this and more the Kizashi becomes technology’s best gift to modern man. You don’t believe me? Then check it out for yourself!

Suzuki Kizashi – TV Commercial:

Suzuki Kizashi Commercial:

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  1. It seemed to be a very good model, I like to know more about this vehicle, like what is the millege and engine capacity I think the price is okay with this vehicle, I have to have a deep look into this car, I also just know watched the video too,..

  2. Wow! Very good news by you.
    The new creation from Suzuki is awesome. Thanks to see a new Kizashi video from your super post.

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