Mathematics and love

cupid.jpgWorking on a few problems on Probability, permutation and combination my mind wandered for a while from the yellow thumbed pages of the text book. I began to think about the far reaching implications of mathematics and a topic such as Permutation and probability on life.

To think of it, there are many aspects of life on which Mathematics has a bearing! And among those I felt Love was one area where this could be said to work!

Take for instance the logic of selection. This applies to both the sexes but the fairer sex could be said to draw more from it than its counterpart! While dating or finding a boyfriend, the choice which women have is greater than men. So they have this choice of making their selection from n men! The same applies to men too, though there pool for selection might be slightly less as compared to women. As a result the number of cases is less which implies the value of ‘n’ is lesser than women!

Extending the theorem of probability to this, I thought that maybe it is slightly more inclined towards women than men. Probing a bit more I found that in case of a woman, she has the choice of accepting or rejecting a guy and the same applies to the latter too. Although the latter happening is less frequent than the former!

Viewing this from the man’s perspective!.. One could say that all the theories of probability apply to them. To note is the fact that prior to getting ‘chosen’ by his girlfriend, the man too has his sample space from which he chooses his favorable person! Prior to accepting or rejecting his love, the lady considers 2^n cases, which also includes one case where she stands to reject all, this is the classic – 2^n-1. This is the deadly case for the man, which in common terms is called Rejection!

The mans misery as compared to a lady is more severe owing to his sample space and selection which could at times get constricted whereas for the lady, it is relatively easier! ‘Move on’ ( in daily as well as love life ) is the lingo post separation and suggested by both the sexes to one another!!

All said and done, mathematics comes into picture once the emotional quotient is satisfied and for which its up to the individuals themselves to make the probabilities, permutation and combination work!

Published by Kartik Subramaniam

A dreamer of sorts & a Creative writer, passionate about reading diverse stuff.

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