Meet 0mrp, the new Santa!

Have you ever met Santa online? Well this article could give you a chance to do so. Confused? Your Santa is none other than an online shopping site that calls itself 0mrp. I called this site Santa for a very special reason.

Unlike others 0mrp allows you to have a wish list of as many as five products for you to buy. Right now you may not have a great verity to choose from but soon you won’t be complaining about this either. The surprise does not end there. At 0mrp you have the liberty to choose for the same item twice. How does that sound? After you have made a wish list of five items, you have to make complete use of the list before you can do that again.

The exiting part of shopping this way is that you will be given a link through which you can invite your friends to be part of the wish list. Each time you do this you are rewarded with an extra wish. Wouldn’t you like that? The contest extends allowing you guess the MRP of the product on the list.How does the vendor benefit from all of this? The answer is very simply a publicity drill by 0mrp on you. All you need to do is guess the MRP of the product from the given five choices.

Make your own wish list at
Make your own wish list at

Get it wrong and you will be shown a polite message to check the vendor’s website for the price. Ultimately you end up seeing the vendor’s website to look up the price as the options will match only the price listed in that website. Guessing the price another time without checking on the vendor’s website does not allow you to make the wish even if you got it right.

Other interesting features of the site include interface which shows the product and the vendor. Along with this you can also keep a check on the number of wishes left and how many times you have wished for a single product. What do you think? Do you want to give it a try? Do let us know your feedback right here at Wittysparks!

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Being a hobby writer Wittysparks gave me the best platform to explore my skill. It has helped me learn about various things in different fields while showcasing my writing skills.

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  1. ha ha…. i won d bumper prize… but santa z not interested in giving it to me…
    it has been nearly 4 months …. chota mota prize tak toh teek hain…

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