Meet the all new solar charger – TOGO SOLAR!

All of us know the importance of turning our lives towards Eco friendliness. What stops us from doing so is probably the difficulty in leading such a life. What if I told you that it is not difficult at all? That’s right!

At least using solar energy is not difficult anymore. All thanks to Togo Solar – a practical, efficient, high watt solar charger.

Let me introduce you to Togo Solar, the solar charger that lets you rest in shade while preparing itself in the hot sun! It allows you to monitor its status through the Togo Solar app via Bluetooth. Now this is what I call a day when technology has become Eco-friendly. The power is not only in its name but also in its performance. Togo Solar has the capacity to give you up to three full phone charges.

So is this fully capable solar charger big and bulky? Not at all. In fact you will be surprised to know that it is the most compact solar device ever! The small, smooth plastic case and its flexibility to fold up and sit comfortably into the carrying case. If you buy a Togo Solar charger, you will be taking home a device that is 50% smaller than those available in the market.

It would be an incomplete article to conclude it without the mention of the creators of Togo Solar. Albert and Leroy who kept away from each other for five years came together when they realized that smartphones and tablets became super popular, they knew they had insights on practical mobile power, specifically solar chargers, that no one else had. Their experience in Albert and Leroy were working 100 feet away from each other for five years before they finally teamed up to create Togo Solar. They have over 10 years experience creating energy – harvesting devices using field power sources working on Army/Special Forces progress and consumer products, helped them in creating the Togo Solar.

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