Men In Black 3 likely to break the records set by The Avengers!

Finally there is something in the theaters that has the potential to threaten the unattainable position secured by The Avengers! Can you guess which movie I’m talking about? People I’m talking about the third sequel to the most famous Men In Black! Yes! It is all geared up to break the records set by The Avengers and its own predecessors MIB 1 and 2.

The unbeatable position of The Avengers now threatened by Men In Black 3
The unbeatable position of The Avengers now threatened by Men In Black 3

The other interesting part of news linked to this is that popular actor Will Smith is returning to the big screen after a decade. The records set by its preceding sequels are probably the reason for a high expectation on this film. MIB first came in the year 1997 and earned as much as 250.7 million dollars. A sequel to this successful film came again in the year 2002 and made a business of 190.4 million dollars.

MEN IN BLACK 3 – Official Trailer:

Now after so much success MIB 3 is expected to surpass The Avengers which has been ruling the theaters till date. While this remains the prediction for the film its fate is yet to be decided. I would love to know your opinion while waiting for the verdict!

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