Mens Fashion trends for 2013

This new year, there is no need to shy away from anything funky; menswear is transforming itself faster than ever before; women are not the only ones who will enjoy a lot of colors, prints, and outrageous styling. 2013 is a year to shine for men.

Reinvent Yourself with your wardrobe in 2013
Reinvent Yourself with your wardrobe in 2013

The men in fashion like Kanye West, Gerard Butler, Justin Bieber, David Beckham, etc., are raising the bar higher and bringing in riskier trends.

2013 is bringing a wider variety to choose from; this year is about experimenting and bringing out the many personalities you own. Some of the significant trends to take over men’s fashion are:

Neons and Fluorescent

Yes, you read it, right, boys! Women’s wear is hitting highs with this trend; the only key is to make sure you accessorize well and balance out the brightness of the outfit. Get the craziest colors in the world out because no one is going to judge you in 2013! Needless to say, you will be the center of attention, so make sure you’re going to be able to handle it.

Don’t hesitate to pile neon on neon! There can never be less color after having survived the end of the world in 2012! This trend is especially great for those who have darker skin tones as the brightness of the outfit will get absorbed by the skin and bring out the beauty in the colors.


Come aboard the metallic bandwagon if you describe yourself as edgy and are willing to take shiny risks with your wardrobe. The versatility that this trend provides is phenomenal; each piece be it a shirt, pant, accessory, etc., can travel through your wardrobe even after the passing of the metallic phase.

Choose wisely though, anything shiny and fitted will make you look larger, so make sure the fit is on point, and the fabric is comfortable in the weather you are in. This is a great trend to get into if you want to experiment with shinier looks.

Velvets and blacks

Bring richness to your wardrobe with velvets; men’s wear is designed very carefully with hints of velvet fabrics on jackets and shirts. This is a fashion-forward move for every man; to bring luxe fabrics into everyday wear requires courage and originality.

Black too is in this year, and who doesn’t love black? Try to make a twist with your regular blacks by layering them. Color blocking with different materials and shades is going to bring added interest to your ensemble.

Spring Pastels

If you’re too moody to budge, don’t worry, pastels will save you from any fashion disaster, and these colors are best suited for the spring season and are soothing to the eyes. Not too adventurous, but definitely on point. These pieces will travel farther in your wardrobe and can be a good investment.

To sum it up fashionably, don’t think about the past; reinvent yourself with your new wardrobe. Make it your mantra to become a new you this year; no matter how you feel inside, what you wear will change everything for you!

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